Pest Control Ocoee FL

Whether you notice pests invading your home or business and you want a company that provides pest control in Ocoee FL that you know will do a thorough job then call Florida's Finest Lawn & Pest Control Inc. We've put into place a complete set of pest control services that will help rid your home of everything from ants to rodents and keep them away - we guarantee it. It all starts with a call to our company where we will ask you about the problems and attempt to identify the type of pest over the phone. Sometimes it's easy such as when we're dealing with ants or roaches and we can easily develop a plan to deal with them. However, there are problems that can be more difficult to diagnose so our skilled and experienced team will head to your home and see the pest problems that need to be dealt with. Once a plan is in place, the first application is going to help solve the problems you have now and make sure that if any insect attempts to come into your home they will be in contact with the treatment. This first application involves both an interior and exterior treatment for the home. If you have children or pets you can rest easy because we spray in a way in which they won't come in contact with the insecticides. Unlike other insect control companies in the past when base board spraying was standard, we take a different approach. Our team applies the spray underneath heavier equipment such as the refrigerator so that the long lasting spray can work effectively without being near any small children or pets. For the outside of the home, we go around and the perimeter and wipe down spider webs and treat spots where we see wasp's nests so you can feel a little more at ease when heading outside. Then we take care of all the entryways and the foundation as a barrier treatment creating a wall of protection between your home and the insects trying to come in. Depending on the time of year we will use either a liquid or granular product so that you have the maximum amount of protection. After this initial treatment we will return every other month to apply another application. Because we also provide lawn care in Ocoee FL, we can also provide lawn and shrub treatments to rid the area of fleas and ticks so your pets can roam freely. Other pest control services that we offer include mosquito control which is important since they could be harboring harmful viruses like the Zika Virus as well as termite control. We also provide pest control in Ocoee FL for commercial buildings. In this case we would visit the building before creating the best treatment plans - places like churches that have master kitchens need a far different approach than any regular home. By providing pest control services and lawn care in Ocoee FL for over 20 years we have developed a reputation for being reliable and dependable. We stand by the company slogan of "protecting your homestead inside and out" so when it comes to pest control services and lawn services, you know that contacting us means you are on your way to enjoying your home more and knowing that it can be free from insects and other pests. For a family-owned company you can trust, contact Florida's Finest Lawn & Pest Control Inc., for all your lawn service and pest control needs.