100 Nights Calendar 
Justin is my superhero when it comes to my lawn care. Always professional and intent in doing and suggesting helpful ways to keep the lawn at its best! He just did a core aeration and I would highly encourage you to have it done, I really believe that it is going to help improve the overall health and look to my lawn. Ellen in the office is just a super sweet lady and is always understanding and helpful. Happy Thanksgiving to all the staff at Florida Finest. They are the best in this area and I have had them take care of my lawn for the last 7 years!!
Calypso’s Hoard 
I’ve lived in Florida for over 10 years and have yet to find a lawn service as comprehensive and knowledgeable as Floridas Finest. We were with the big box companies for a while but saw that they really lacked the training and skills to truly weed out certain kinds of impurities in a yard. In the course of a few months Floridas Finest had our lawn completely clean and perfect. There like an extension of family, everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable you don’t feel like you’re talking to him for me at all but a close friend. I’d recommend them to anyone who is unsatisfied with their lawn service.
Daniel Waldron 
Florida's Finest always goes above and beyond to make everything right with my yard and I am a high maintenance client. I am also in real estate and can't recommend them enough to all my friends and family in western Orange County. They are a great alternative to one of the "big" companies where you are just a customer number!
Diana Karr 
Excellent company spent over an hour and a half in home take care of all the roaches that was in the house recommend this company to anybody that have roach problem will not disappoint money will spend very happy with a service
Nancy Taylor 
I have always been a satisfied customer with Florida Finest . Their service manager and technician Justin , is absolutely the very best! If their is a problem just call and speak to Ellen and she will direct you to Justin who will come out and help to resolve the issues within a day. All of their technicians are polite and helpful. I would definitely highly recommend them if you want to have a beautiful lawn and know they always respond quickly.