Lawn Care Ocoee FL

With nearly 25 years as a family-owned lawn service company, Florida's Finest Lawn & Pest Control Inc. has the experience of dealing with countless homes and businesses so they have the beautiful lawns they've always wanted. We offer a comprehensive plan free from any upselling so you know that you're getting the best without any surprises. When it comes to lawn care in Ocoee FL, it can often be a difficult task. With all kinds of barriers like water restrictions to a high level of sandy soil, maintaining the grass as well as plants and trees so they remain in good shape can be fairly challenging. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the right fertilizer, irrigation and insect control to keep the exterior of your home looking incredible. Our lawn services include broadleaf weed and crabgrass control and prevention as well as the appropriate level of nutrients to help the roots of the grass extend and grow. While we have the resources to tackle the pests harming the lawn by offering pest control in Ocoee FL, fire ants are a different story. These mean little pests can hurt those most vulnerable like small children and dogs as well as elderly folks who may be sitting stationary on the patio. Our fire ants treatment is a once per year project and will help rid your yard of these bugs. Irrigation is also critical in maintaining your yard because without water the grass is going to struggle to grow in thick and green. Lack of water also means we won't be able to deliver the high-quality lawn service we want to strive to provide. We offer irrigation system inspections and light repairs to ensure everything is working properly and that water is reaching all areas of the yard. About 20% of our customers use a product called moisture manager which helps retain moisture in the soil and gets your lawn through the season without damage. If you live for your lawn and want that golf course quality grass that makes everyone who passes by envious then moisture manager is right for you - it's truly for that high maintenance lawn that you want to look amazing. Our lawn care in Ocoee FL also can assist in landscaping and ensure that your plants have the opportunity to thrive in the Florida environment. We often see folks bringing in northern plants which make it difficult and sometimes even impossible to keep strong and healthy in the Florida climate. We recommend using landscaping that is native to Florida to ensure its survival. Along with nutrients, we can help manage leaf feeding insects and provide limited disease management. We are happy to provide lawn care in Ocoee FL and sometimes that coincides with pest control in Ocoee FL. If you spot any grass eating insects, give us a call and we will be there to keep your lawn in check. This includes additional pest control services like termite treatment and mosquito control. You will have this gorgeous lawn that you've invested in, don't let the disease and virus carrying mosquitos keep you from spending the evenings outdoors. If you're in search of a lawn service company with a reputation of dependability and excellent customer service who can help you have that lush green grass you've always wanted, call Florida's Finest Lawn & Pest Control Inc.